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Credit repair basic clean up

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Understanding Your Credit Report & scores

Get educated on the following

Hurting your score ,what can help your score . What are your loan risk ratings and  factors?

Credit Summary

Your Credit Summary highlights the information in your credit file that is most important in determining your credit standing, distilling key credit information into one easy-to-read summary.

What is so important about Account Age.

Inquiries – Requests for your Credit History

Numerous inquires on your credit file for new credit may cause you to appear risky to lenders, so it is usually better to only seek new credit when you need it. Typically lenders distinguish between inquiries for a single loan and many new loans in part by the length of time over which the inquiries occur. So, when rate shopping for a loan it’s a good idea to do it within a focused period of time

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Product Description

Basic credit clean up includes :

  • Free evaluation
  • credit summary consultation
  • Public Records correction

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