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This program is the foundation to advanced level of business credit building. Business Blue Print will help you establish your business/corporate credit credit and set it up so you can obtain lines of credit from the bank. This foundation will consist of helping you to establishing trade or vendor credit, building the Paydex (from Dunn and Bradstreet) to 80 and then applying for business credit cards. You will have a personal business credit coach to guide you through the entire process.

Forming Your Business 

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

Incorporation (S-Corp, C-Corp)


Sole Proprietorship

General Partnership

LP (Limited Partnership)

LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)

Compare S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC

Naming Your Business

DBA / Business Names

Entity Name Availability Check

Entity Name Reservation

Trademark Search

Trademark a Business Name

Tax, Licenses and Permits

Federal Tax ID (EIN)

State Tax ID

501(c)(3) Application

S-Corp Election

Business Licenses

Seller’s Permit

Additional Business Srvs.

Corporate Supplies

Certified Copies

Certificates of Good Standing

Registered Agent Services

Legal Forms and Agreements

Franchise Disclosure Review

Legal Document Review

Office Action Response

Website Terms & Conditions

Business Legal Plan